Your Skin

Empresa styles Stella Azzurra
Star players in our new commercial

Stores and customers from beyond national borders for Empresa and basketball players from every corner of the world for Stella Azzurra.
Their international presence proves their individual achieved successes.

Two very similar companies born in Rome with the desire to revolutionise the future in their field with unique ideals that continually draw inspiration from Italian excellence.
“Your Skin” is an exciting story that reflects the desire of those who wear Empresa: to be true to yourself.

Basketball and luxury fashion
come together in a single story:
thanks to the collaboration between
Empresa and the Stella Azzurra basketball team.

Two worlds that come together
to play a match for innovation.

 “Your Skin” is the new Empresa commercial.
Starring basketball players
and the Altero Felici Arena.

Transforming, for a day,
the field into a film set
and the athletes into actors.

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An ambitious and unconventional project,
directed towards the emotions
and dreams of the youngest.

Freedom, energy and well-being are the elements
that unite the two realities in the campaign spot:
the story shows teamwork that starts in the locker room
and continues into the playing court,
just like the Empresa soul.