Special Start

“Time” is the word for 2022,
for us, for feelings, for everyday life, for the planet.
Time will be the compass for the new year,
time for work, free time, time that’s missing,
time that’s running out fast.

For four weeks we will be embracing,
in a special way, the beginning of this new time
we have to spend together.
Days that will pass, but that will leave on your skin
the Empresa desire to value your time,
what you live for and what you are.
-20%, -30%, -40% …
visit our store and find the items marked

Moving in our time with art and beauty. The lightness of desires get carried away by the passing of time, like a breath of wind. How much road do we have to travel to make them happen? How much do we want to chase after them? Love for one’s dreams is the driving force for the well-being of the soul. Hope in tomorrow is vital to mark the present time. 

We go through our days at the right pace, surrounded by our memories and protected by our dreams. With our head to the sky, whether it’s dawn or a starry night, like when we were children. Let’s fly.

Discover our two coats T09181 EE7395 ART 2 and T / 8013155001. Designed and produced in Italy by Empresa, in collaboration with the artist Malgioglio. Choose the cut you prefer: zip closure or leather rever with buttons. -20% and -30% on the purchase, thanks to the SPECIAL START 2022.

The brightest inspirations often come from the future. Visions of a tomorrow that we can already touch. A real luxury, which can be hidden in the details of the present. Time passes slowly when the details become precious.

A small detail can take your breath away. A surprising effect. Many are ready to be overwhelmed by the beauty of the details. Many discover, every time, a new experience. It is difficult, very difficult, to resist the fascination of details.

The exclusive processes associated with our shirts allows us to give a rare and precious soul to every detail. The materials, the collars, the buttons, the cuts: we design and produce a shirt thinking about the pleasure you will feel when touching, retouching (and touching again) the Empresa handcrafted details. All men’s shirts are at -20% off with the SPECIAL START 2022.

Made in Italy. Made in Empresa. In our history, the value of our time and the warmth of our passions is contained in the experiences lived on our skin; historical periods that merge, that settle between thoughts and words.

Think comfortable time. A time where serenity is everyone’s employer. Joy of the senses and endless joy: imagine the time of happiness. Live it now, don’t put it off. 

Wool and silk on your body. The DORYS WINTON MADE IN, designed in Italy and made entirely by hand, is the warm cuddle your skin deserves. -40% with the SPECIAL START 2022.

At the best of times, fantasy opens the way. The life we ​​want is the constant training of one’s creativity. A spiritual exercise that must guide our actions. Our gestures can turn into something more beautiful … more alive!

Let’s look around: let’s observe the creativity of others. The world is full of ideas that thrive in wanting to be told. We learn to dance in the melody that other people, with their dreams, create for us and for the planet.

The women’s dresses are handcrafted and designed in Italy. -20% to -40% off with the SPECIAL START 2022.