Made in Empresa

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Our garments are made in Italy. An Empresa project is recognizable all over the world. Every day, we listen to your wishes to offer you the dream items.

We produce our creations by hand, with attention and experience. Craftsmanship is the most important value for us. Seeing you feel good in our shoes, with our pants or with our costume represents for us the greatest gratification.

What are you looking in the picture? Discover our sections SHOES, COSTUMES, TROUSERS AND LIMITED EDITION. The SPECIAL START 2022 helps your navigation: from -20% to -40%.

The Italian tailor cut and the care in choosing the fabrics make the Empresa style unique. Wear one of our shirts and live an intense experience. Choose the color, choose the model and… imagine your perfect match.

Your garnments are the most important thing to bring with you in your travel, thanks to a timeless garment, revisited with our passion. Handcrafting our items is more than an artisan gesture: creating a shirt is like being part of a beautiful fairy tale.

Many small magical details are hidden in an Empresa shirt. Are you ready to discover them? All men’s shirts at -20% on the purchase thanks to the SPECIAL START 2022.

Thanks to the SPECIAL START 2022, women’s shoes are at -20%. One more reason to wear the Empresa beauty.

All Empresa shoes are designed and handmade in Italy. Woman’s steps must be surrounded by beauty and audacity. Unique creations, which make your outfit elegant, crazy, surprising… unique.

In Italy, the Empresa-mania takes shape. Pants, jackets, jeans, coats: walking into our shop is the pleasure that everyone deserves… and that everyone would like to repeat.

You know the feelings we’re talking about. When you see an Empresa garment and you can’t stop yourself: you want to wear it and look for a mirror. And when, at the mirror, you like yourself!

E-UNITED coat at -30%. -20% WAINS B shirt. G5X000 jacket at -30%. Jacket T / 7519 E46641 at -30%. -20% KEATH jeans. PANMOD004 ART trousers at -30%. The SPECIAL START 2022 is ready to let you experience the emotions you prefer.

Whether it’s day or night, surrounded by Italian details, it’s beautiful to walk. Browse our shop and take a close look at the Empresa men’s shoes: you will be fascinated. -20% thanks to the SPECIAL START 2022 on all models.

The materials, the details, the shapes: taking care of every aspect of our work by hand allows us to offer a rare product, full of splendor. Uniqueness MADE IN EMPRESA.