Desert Sense

An experiential fragrance between
the lights and colors of the desert

Each fragrance we make represents a journey.

The result of all the emotions that a place evokes, an experience on the skin.

The Desert Sense fragrance recalls the desert, its warmth, enveloping and allencompassing atmosphere.

A fragrance that seems to leave,

on the body and the soul, the signs

of an experiential and cathartic

journey through the desert dunes.

Intense fragrance created with rich and natural essential oils,

inspired by the lights and colors of the desert.

The aromas of black pepper, styrax, mugwort and precious

woods evoke the tasteof time spent under the shade of the sun

that softly disappears. Cedar and guaiac wood, Patchouly and

laudanum evoke the dunes created by the wind. A journey of the

soul among the scents of amber, musks and oponax.